May 5, 2017

MSHA Training

Training Course Categories



We offer various levels of online training to accommodate your company size and specific safety needs.


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USS specializes in MSHA part 48 (sub part b) and part 46 new miner and refresher training. Our courses can be taught online via our innovative LMS or in an interactive and engaging classroom setting. Whatever your learning preference or schedule requirement, USS has the training methods to accommodate your needs.

MSHA Services Include:

    •     Dust Sampling
    •     MSHA Site Assessment
    •     Part 48 (subpart b) new miner and refresher training
    •     Part 46 new miner and refresher training
    •     Training (online and instructor-led)
    •     Training Plans
    •     Document Management
    •     Part 48 (subpart b) new miner and
    •     Site specific training guides

    •     Citation litigation

Purchase MSHA Training Plans Online

What to expect when you partner with USS for Part 48 and 46 New Miner and Refresher Training:
    •     Training that is up to date and kept current with the changing regulations and mandates
    •     Training that covers all of the required topics in a format that is engaging
    •     Topics that can be customized to fit your business and its needs
    •     Instructors that are knowledgeable and fun to work with
    •     A company that can extend its services beyond training to keep you compliant
    •     A company that will work after hours to make sure you have the proper documents when needed
    •     A company that has an extended list of contacts to help you with anything you need
Signage, Equipment, Lawyers, Insurance needs, etc. …

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