May 3, 2017

MSHA Training Plans


A training plan tells MSHA how your people are getting trained. If you are a mine site with a mine ID # you must have a training plan.

If you are an independent contractor doing work on a mine site and have received MSHA training your company needs a training plan and the employees on mines sites may need to provide a copy of the training plan to MSHA when asked.

These training plans have been written by professionals working with MSHA for over 30 years. If for any reason your part 48 plans are not accepted, United Safety Solutions will work to complete your plan until it is accepted at no further cost to you or your company.

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Part 46 Training Plans

Part 46 Operator Plan
This MSHA Plan is for the Owners of the Mine Site.
Part 46 Contractor Plan
This MSHA Plan is for everyone else. See notes below.


Anyone who receives the MSHA part 46 training needs to have a part 46 training plan, these plans are company specific not employee specific.

A company has only one training plan. However if they are contractors and travel to many sites, each employee will need a copy of their company-training plan with them on site.

Part 48 Training Plans

All Part 48 a & b Training Plans need to be sent to the appropriate District Office for the state in which your mine site resides or if you are a contractor, the state in which your company resides.

Once you have clicked on that specific link listed below, you will need to scroll down to the District and Field offices, search your State by clicking the Districts, and that will provide you with the appropriate office to send your Training Plan to.

Part 48 a Operator Plan
Underground Mining
Part 48 b Operator Plan
Surface of an Underground Mine
Part 48 a Contractor Plan
Underground Mining
Part 48 b Contractor Plan
Surface of an Underground Mine

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