May 5, 2017

Agriculture Training

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We offer various levels of online training to accommodate your company size and specific safety needs.

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Dairy farms have a high injury/illness rate; this is why OSHA is targeting them. As an industry and occupation, agriculture has never been “exempted” from OSHA. This fact that OSHA cannot enforce its rules and regulations on farms with 10 or fewer employees does not mean that these farm operations are exempt from OSHA jurisdiction. Farm operations of any size can be inspected under the “general duty clause.” This may seem like a trivial distinction, but it can be significant in a court of law with thousands of dollars pending.

OSHA’s “General Duty Clause” requires that each employer furnish a place of employment free from recognized hazards that may cause death or serious physical harm to employees. Employers must comply with OSHA safety and health standards.
Statistics show that approximately 243 agricultural workers suffer work loss daily due to farm related injuries, of which 5 percent result in permanent injury. This is why OSHA developed the Local Emphasis Program. Check our website for your state’s LEP.
We customize our services to meet the needs of your dairy. If you are a large dairy, small dairy or somewhere In-between, If your OSHA documentation is done or your starting from scratch, United Safety Solutions can guide you through the process. We can be on site to provide the training, write your compliance binder, Order required signs and safety equipment, and take care of OSHA litigation’s.
USS also has a dedicated Bi-Lingual instructor to help bridge the communication gap many farms face by :
    •     Training in a language your employees can understand.
    •     Orlando can also attend monthly employee meetings with you as your interpreter.
Your employees need to be trained and you need written policies and programs, with your already busy schedule let United Safety Solutions help keep compliance in check.

A few of our Agriculture Classes include:

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